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Personal Injury and Accident Compensation Lawyer

We offer no-win, no-fee options in our Personal Injury and Accident Compensation division. 

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At Butler McDermott Lawyers, we are dedicated to providing exceptional legal services for individuals who have suffered from personal injuries due to accidents and negligence. Our Head of Personal Injury has over 35 years of experience and has been an accredited specialist since 2002.

Butler McDermott Lawyers has a reputation for challenging major insurance companies, consistently fighting for the rights of our clients. We stand apart in our commitment to delivering personal, strategic, and cost-effective legal representation—echoing the virtues of a bygone era of law practice. If your situation demands the expertise of accredited specialists in Personal Injuries Law, offering deep knowledge and substantial experience in managing and winning complex cases, contact Butler McDermott Lawyers today. We are extremely proactive in running our cases and do not allow insurers to slow us down with roadblocks while we achieve outcomes for our clients.

We can help you if:

  • You’ve been involved in a car accident
  • You’ve suffered injuries at work
  • You’ve been a victim of medical negligence and seek compassonate advice
  • You’re facing challenges with Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance claims
  • You need help accessing your superannuation benefits due to injury or illness
  • You’re struggling with an insurance claim, especially against major companies

Car Accidents and Compensation

If you’ve been involved in a motor vehicle accident, our experienced team can help you navigate the complexities of compensation claims. We ensure that all cases are evaluated thoroughly to secure the compensation you rightly deserve. Our proactive approach aims to minimise delays from insurers, aiding you in your recovery journey without any unnecessary hindrances.

Workplace Accidents and Compensation

Accidents at work can often be complex, involving multiple aspects of employment and safety law. Our lawyers are skilled in managing these intricacies, driving your case forward to ensure timely and fair outcomes. With Butler McDermott Lawyers, you receive legal advice and representation aimed at safeguarding your rights and securing your future after a workplace injury.

Medical Negligence and Compensation

When medical professionals fail in their duty of care, the repercussions for patients can be severe. Our team is adept at handling sensitive cases of medical negligence, equipped with insights and empathy to pursue the justice and compensation necessary for your rehabilitation and relief.

TPD Insurance and Superannuation

Navigating through Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) claims can often be disorienting and overwhelming. We help our clients manage these claims effectively, advocating for your rights against insurers and superannuation entities to achieve outcomes that align with your life-changing injuries and circumstances.

Why Choose Butler McDermott Lawyers?

Unlike the large, impersonal law firms that may see clients as mere numbers, Butler McDermott Lawyers ensures each client is treated with respect and receives tailored legal service.

Extensive Experience

With extensive experience in accident compensation law, our lawyers bring a depth of knowledge and a wealth of experience, making them proficient in handling any case that comes their way—be it within Australia or on an international scale.

Accredited Specialists

Our Head of Personal Injury Law has been an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injuries Law since 2002 and recognised continuously for expertise in key areas of personal injury law.

Client-centric Approach:

We travel to meet clients where they are most comfortable, be it their homes or hospitals, and we commit to keeping our legal fees fair and proportionate to the results we achieve.

No Win, No Fee

Understanding the financial pressure an injury can place on an individual, we operate on a “no win, no fee” basis, alleviating the stress of upfront costs.

Don’t miss out on what you are owed.

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Kind words from our clients

OUTSTANDING! My family have relied on Butler-McDermott for all of our estate planning and conveyancing needs for around five years. We have had some complex health issues to navigate requiring very careful consideration of management of the estate as well as Power of Attorney for both Financial and Health related matters, and this has involved our whole family not just my wife and I as our eldest is to be an Executor. At all times we have found Butler McDermott to be extremely helpful with following advice, providing advice and developing simple and effective solutions for complex problems. Turnaround times and fees were very very good and our degree of trust in Butler McDermott is very high chance we feel they deserve five stars and absolutely no hesitation recommending them. Going forward we will rely on Butler McDermott Nambour for all of our legal needs. We live in Brisbane but our team is in Nambour and that has been no barrier whatsoever to our requirements. Jamie Lee Hunt and Mr Peter Boyce (now retired) thank you so much!
Marty Breen
Marty Breen
8 May 2024
Highly recommended. Their service was exceptional during a difficult time.
david j
david j
26 April 2024
Kimberley Sutton assisted us with the purchase of our home and made the process so easy. This is our second time dealing with Butler McDermott and we highly recommend them.
Dan & Alexis Richards
Dan & Alexis Richards
11 April 2024
Very satisfied with the professional service performed by Butler McDermott
Doug Jess
Doug Jess
9 April 2024
Jamie is an exceptional Lawyer, and she works very hard to get a good result. She is very knowledgeable and is able to communicate effectively and she is just a very lovely person and she is excellent and very good at her job. Thankyou Jamie, Mackenzie, Brady & staff. A big thankyou also to my Barrister Geoff Bar. A Awesome team who work hard for there clients to get results.
Deborah Briskey
Deborah Briskey
4 April 2024
Kimberley and the team are a pleasure to deal with and everything went so smoothly thanks to their help and professionalism.
Natalie Freeman
Natalie Freeman
27 March 2024
Very easy to talk with, informative and encouraging
Emma Guyatt
Emma Guyatt
25 March 2024
Our organisation received amazing service and support from Kimberley Sutton, Conveyancer. Very thorough attention to detail as well as prompt and friendly service enabled our transaction to process smoothly and stress free. Many thanks from GCC
Helen Potter
Helen Potter
25 March 2024
Kim was very helpful and kept us well informed on the details of our property sale during the settlement time. Never a problem in dealing with this firm and have been with them for many years now - Rog & Jill Chadwick.
Roger Chadwick
Roger Chadwick
21 March 2024

Personalised Client Care.

100 years

100 years of service.

Dedicated Experts.

Personalised Client Care

At Butler McDermott Lawyers, we are committed to providing unparalleled client care and professionalism. We treat each client with the utmost respect and attention, regardless of their individual circumstances or the complexity of their case. It truely is what sets us apart from others.

100 Years of Service

With over 100 years of service to the Sunshine Coast and the greater region, we at Butler McDermott Lawyers have proven experience in almost all facets of law. With stronger negotiation and advocacy skills, we provide the right advice from experts who have done it before.

Dedicated Expertise

We at Butler McDermott Lawyers stand out as leaders in the legal field through our dedication to continuous professional development. By prioritising ongoing learning and professional growth, we ensure our team of experts is well-versed in the latest legal matters and practices. This commitment not only deepens our expertise but also enhances our ability to provide the highest level of advice to clients across various legal matters.

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Simone Faunt


Peter Boyce


Peter has been practising as a Nambour Solicitor since 1977 and joined Butler McDermott Lawyers the same year.

With over 40 years practicing as a Sunshine Coast lawyer, Peter has extensive knowledge of various facets of law.

He has practised in all areas of litigation and has special interests in:

  • Criminal law
  • Civil and Commercial litigation
  • Retirement Village matters
  • Sports law
  • Resumption of land and compensation claims


Peter has specialised knowledge of and experience with resumption matters as a result of the Traveston Dam project, road corridors, Main Roads and water pipeline. He is renowned for his professional approach and is an experienced and determined advocate.

Brent King


Brent works as a litigation lawyer, providing litigation legal advice in relation to both civil and criminal law matters, including:
  • Defamation Claims
  • Contract and Debt Disputes
  • Building and Construction Disputes
  • Planning Matters
  • Criminal Law and Traffic Legal Matters
Having grown up on the Sunshine Coast and joining Butler McDermott after the completion of his studies, Brent appreciates the needs of our clients, and brings a particularly commercial approach to litigation. Brent is a member of the Queensland Law Society and the Sunshine Coast Law Association, and has litigated a wide variety of matters in the Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts.

Al Upton


After arriving at Butler McDermott Lawyers in 2016, Al quickly progressed to running our Wills and Estates section and has successfully litigated disputes in the Supreme and District Courts of Queensland in the early stages of his career.

In the years that followed Al has now moved to assist our clients with commercial and property matters having achieved positive outcomes in that area as well as general litigation. Al’s experience has him uniquely placed to provide quality advice in the areas of property, commercial, wills and estates and general litigation.

Al is involved in giving back to the community, sitting on the board for the Daniel Morcombe Foundation and Sundale Community Foundation. He otherwise became a director of Butler McDermott Lawyers in November 2021.