Retirement Village Legal Advice

Retirement Villages - Residence Contract Legal Advice

Retirement should be a stress free period of life. Before entering a Retirement Village you should consult our Sunshine Coast solicitors for legal advice so we can review you residence contract and make sure there are no hidden traps.

Our Nambour lawyers can advise you of the implications of the Retirement Villages Act insofar as it relates to and regulate your relationship with your scheme operator. It is important that you understand that you do have rights to challenge decisions that are made and the legislation encourages the participation of residents in the operation of their village.

Open communication with your scheme operator should be expected and in the event of disputes, a process of dispute notification and mediation is prescribed.

We have assisted many residents to fight to ensure they maintain their rights in a fair and equitable way.
The Butler McDermott Sunshine Coast law firm can also assist in:

  • Implications of entering into a residence contract in relation to stamp duty and GST;
  • Matters relating to service fees and levies and the proper methods of calculation thereof;
  • Refurbishment and Capital Replacement costs;
  • Termination of residence contracts and vacation of retirement village premises

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