Property Law

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Property Law Legal Services


Here at Butler McDermott Lawyers Nambour, we assist our Sunshine Coast legal clients in all forms of leasing and have many landlord and tenant clients. We provide legal advice on all forms of leasing including:

  • Retail Shop Leases;
  • Commercial Leases;
  • Residential Tenancies for Houses and Units;
  • Farm and Rural Leases.



A mortgage is a registered security over your property. Before you allow a mortgage to be registered on your property it is essential that you fully understand your rights and obligations under the mortgage. We can provide independent legal advice in relation to mortgage documents as required by many financial institutions.

If you are loaning money or are owed money you may want to think about obtaining security for that debt by registering a mortgage to protect yourself to ensure that you are repaid. We can prepare all necessary documents and attend to registration on your behalf.

If there is a default under a mortgage then we can tell you what your rights are to ensure that a mortgagee discharges its obligations in relation to a forced sale of your property if that eventuates

Body Corporate Law

If you are either a unit owner, occupier, member of a body corporate or reside in a property run by one, then it is likely that body corporate law will ultimately be an issue that will confront you.

Contact our Sunshine Coast solicitors to assist you with:

  • Management of a Body Corporate;
  • Administration of a Body Corporate;
  • Repair and maintenance of the common property of a body corporate;
  • Insurance issues;
  • Compliance with regulations and rules affecting a Body Corporate;
  • Dealing with Body Corporate disputes

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