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What Happens When Land is Resumed by a Government Entity?

Find out more about your legal rights when it comes to land resumptions.

Well, it is not quite like the Castle (1998) film depicts it.

If part or all of your property is likely to be subject to a land resumption, then you are entitled to claim compensation based on the Acquisition of Land Act. A resumption is where a government entity takes part or all of your land, for an approved purpose.

There are many aspects to the legal claim which are important for you to understand; including that you can claim fair and reasonable compensation. On top of compensation, the Act provides that you are entitled to be reimbursed many of your costs including legal costs, land valuation costs and costs involving other experts who may assist in formulating your claim.

Our Sunshine Coast conveyancing solicitors in Nambour have undertaken many claims for compensation as a result of resumptions for our clients over the years.

If that is something that is happening to you, or might happen to you in the near future, please feel free to give Peter Boyce a call because we can set you on the right path.

We also advise our Nambour law firm clients whether they have any real basis to object to the taking of their property.

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